Guitar is finished!

Things have been very hectic but going well. For the past year or so in my spare time I have been building my first guitar. I finished it the last week of February and used it at a Lichen gig 2 days later. It sounded and played great and I have already begun my next one. Di is my inlay artist and she put a nice abalone Z on the headstock. There is a picture of this guitar at the top of my home page. If anyone is interested in a custom made electric guitar, please contact me. Ben Rudnick and Friends just got back from our first gig in Philadelphia. We had a great time at World Cafe Live. The crowd was great and Turk the soundman was exceptional. Before we left town we stopped at Pat's the place where the cheesesteak sub was invented. We are also really excited that we are going to play in Colorado in June.

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