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Nice web site! Hope things are well with you! Debbie and I are living in Nottingham these days...just down the road from Renaissance Strings. Life is good! Enjoy the music on your site..Hope to catch Lichen some day soon.
Merry Christmas to you and Dibr
Hey Kelly, great to hear from you! We are all well and I hope that you are too. I would love to get together to jam sometime. Send me an email if you get a chance.
Hey...I'm living in Leominster...focused on my domestic violins...miss the jams! Hope you and your family are well!
Thank you Ed. We always have a great time at the Regent. If you come to another show be sure to come up and say hello.
We enjoyed your talents in Arlington yesterday John. Thanks very much for that.
thanks for all the years of music; it has meant a lot to us. Shane brought me to see a Lichen show at O'Donnells on our first date, 18 years ago. Things progressed naturally and Lichen entertained our honored guests at our wedding reception 12 years ago. (btw it gave me great delight to see that the photos of you guys from our wedding are still on!) Not many bands are as tight and talented as Lichen; you all have brought us so much joy over so many years. Hope to see some of the other acts and more Lichen shows in the future! thanks and blessings, heather & shane
Got some great photos of us to show you,lets get together soon.And thanks again for making our special day even more special
Thanks for the nice words Jason. Glad to hear it. I've some great shows coming up this month. Lichen will be playing a show with Silk City featuring Barry Mitterhoff of Hot Tuna. Barry will be sitting in with us during our set as will our good friend Ben Rudnick. Speaking of Ben, I will also be playing the Ben Rudnick and Friends 10th anniversary show. Check the calendar page and I will be posting info on the news page. Thanks again for the nice comment and I hope to see you soon!
hey john, great music and great vibes. my wife and I love going to see you play thanks for the good times. jason long
Hey John, We did have some fun, up there, my son just got married so I got to see a bunch of people from up in the great white north. It was great to see Ed the Rare posted a note for you too. I have a niece who lives in Burlington and we visit occasionally it would be great to see one of your bands play the next time we come up. Have a great day!!
Hello Bob, I do remember you and often think of those days up in the cold north. Send me an email if you get a chance and we can catch up.
John, You probably don't remember me from Potsdam but I was a big fan and still tell Zevos stories. Great to see you've followed your passion. Wish you the best of everything in life. Great site.
Hello Lucy, thanks for the kind words. We love to play and I feel very lucky that people have been coming to see us for so long. Hope to see you at a show soon.
your longtime follower and oh how can I thank u enough for all the great music? You have no idea! Its a great thing... so accept this meager thank you in abundance. Blessings to you & Diane
Hello Zach. Things are going well and I'm glad to hear that you are looking forward to guitar orchestra next year, so am I. I'm not familiar with that particular model, but hopefully it will be what you're looking for. Thanks for stopping by.
Hi Mr. Zevos! It's Zach Blanc. Looking forward to G. orchestra next year. I'm doin pretty good guitar- wise. Still playing Dust in the Wind. Decided on a new guitar, just wish Gibson made it instead of only Epiphone. The p93 Rviera :D. How ya keeping?
I’ve helped with a new site of stories inspired by the lyrics of Bob Dylan, written by TJ Hawk: The best one so far will be added on Nov. 29, “Quinn the Eskimo.” It is an uplifting Christmas tale. Let me know if you want to use in some way. Tom
Hey Raj, Yes the Jugend Zupf Orchester was amazing. I will try to get you a DVD of the show. By all means, come on down to jam on the 19th. I'm sure everyone will be in the spirit of the holidays and a good time will be had by all. See you then. Best to all, John
Hi John, Jugend Zupf Orchestra sounds fantastic. I can/can't imagine how beautiful they must have sounded. The Furthur shows were terrific! Nice, renovated venue and plenty of that "California Vibe" to keep the spirits lifted! I felt that the lineup gelled right from the start, and having two drummers was powerful indeed. Everyone rocked; if you have any chance of catching one of the East Coast nights, know ;-) The band has now posted DSBDs for all three nights (streaming/listening only). You can get access via Roopa says hi back to you and the family. We are all planning to come to NH for Christmas (might be the last Christmas in my parent's house - Mom's looking into moving to California to join us, along w/her mom, from India!). Target arrival date is the 19th...and I noticed that there's a Lichen gig on the calendar at Penuches. If possible/makes sense, I would love to jam w/you all :-). Meanwhile, all the best to you, Di, the kids, as well as Charlie, Bill, Steve (the Kid), and all friends/fans. Cheers, Raj
Hello Raj, Nice to hear from you. I hope all is well for you and your family out west. Those Furthur shows sounded like they were really good. Let me know what you thought about them when you get a chance. I'm still at school this evening awaiting a performance of the Jugend Zupf Orchester a 40 piece mandolin and guitar orchestra from Germany. If you ever come back this way for a visit, let me know. Say Hi to Roopa for me. Take care, John
Hi John, Hope this note finds you and family well. Seems like the June 27th Lichen gig was just yesterday. Had a great time jamming! Thinking of you, and another John today - John Lennon. And Happy Birthday to Sean, who was also born on Oct 9th (1975)! Getting ready to see Bob Dylan tomorrow evening at the Greek Theater in Berkeley. This, on the heels of 2 Furthur shows in Oakland on Sept 18/19. Woo-hoo! With best regards, Raj
John - Good to hear from you too mate. I'll give you a call soon... Thanks kindly, Raj
Hey, awesome website! By the way, is there anyway that I could get some of your songs? Like on Itunes or something? Thanks
Hi Raj, nice to hear from you. Let me know when you'd like to jam. It's always a fun time. Hope to see you soon.
Hi John, Nice updates to the site with music! Double-bind loaded up immediately and love the option to listen to other selections. Congratulations to Alyss on graduating from College. UGG! (You Go Girl!). I have a new bamboo flute and have been jamming at home and with friends. Love to get together for some music w/you again one day. Cheers, Raj
Hey Espo, nice to hear from you and thanks for the nice comments. I'm glad to hear that you're getting back into playing. Let me know if you ever want to get together to do some picking.
Glad I checked out your page sounds great, your music ability has matured and seasoned nicely. I am getting back into playing again as a hobby, possible coffee house thing. Thanks a million for the lessons in your room I learned more there in one summer than I did from many years of weekly torture at Ted Herberts.
Checking your website. Nice photos! Really impressed with everything! Hugs & Kisses, Ma & STeph
Ed, indeed, "The Rare" and great to hear from you. It has been way too long. I would love to get together. I come down to New York to play a few times every year, so that might work and let me know if you are ever heading up this way. I'll be in touch.
All I can say is "The Rare" Great site my friend!! Looks like I need to travel north to hear you play again!! Been too long -- but there is no doubt the music is still awesome!! Great to hear from you at Christmas -- would love to get together again! Peace!
Ian, nice to hear from you and thanks for the nice compliment. I hope all is well with you and your family. Sounds like coaching takes a lot of your time, but I'm sure it's rewarding. I would love to revive T.A.C. any time. There's always room for another gig on the calendar page. Let me know if you ever want to come and jam at a gig sometime. Hope to see you soon.
John.....congrats on the web site and your continuing success as an incredible musician..!! Pursuing my own B/ball coaching career has kept me busy and not always with the time and energy to get to your gigs but I'm often there in spirit..! I know we have a T.A.C. gig in us at some point in the future......when the moons are in alignment. Take care.....Big E
Hey John, Nice job on the site, looks great, thanks for the link!!
Thanks to everyone for the nice comments. Please come back often as I plan to update the site regularly.
Not too shabby sir! The site looks great! Love ya, Chris
Is this what you're doing behind my back? Just kidding, very, very nice. love you, Di
Dad!!! This site is so beautiful!!! Congradulations!! i love it so much! I'm so proud of you!!! Your favorite daughter, Alyss
Hi John,Happy New Year! Your site looks great, very nicely laid out, clean, attractive and easy to browse. I'm listening to Time to Breakaway as I write this note. The MP3 loaded up right away. Nice work mate. Looking fwd to more gigs in 2009! Cheers, Raj
Hey Mark, thanks, Yeah, we have played a couple of times, in fact, isn't that you with the accordion in the Hatch Shell shot? I hope all is well with you and Bethany and that you are enjoying the warm weather in Mississippi as we are getting ready for more snow. Keep me posted about any cool gigs you play down there.
Nice site you have there John. Remember me? We played together a couple of times.
Great site John! Welcome to web world.